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Want to start a business but confused what kind of business should be run?

Advertising or advertising business may be suitable for you. Why? As we know, this one business has no death.
Who is trying who does not need advertising services when they want to market their products? Nothing, isn't it? That reason strengthens the argument why this business will never die.
Many companies can still survive because of the ads they make. With advertising, people know about what products they sell. That way, consumers will be interested in trying and buying products from them.

The more often their advertisements are shown, the more familiar the people are about their advertisements, the opportunities to develop a business will be more wide open.

To start the advertising business, the main thing to note is the idea. Because of the ideas they have, can be a foundation of success in the field of advertising. The brighter the ideas are found, the more unique the ads will be created so that your ad will look valuable in the eyes of the public.

Besides finding ideas, you also need to pay attention to the market share you want to go to. Although the market share of this advertising business is quite broad, it never hurts to pay more attention to market conditions. The more diverse advertising products are made, the more choices will be for marketing to enter the market.

1. How do you start an advertising business?

There is a lot of variety from this advertising business, depending on your interests and capital. If there is little capital, then you can start your advertising business by selling simple products first such as mugs, banners and stickers.

Even small businesses like this can sometimes be done without using capital. The trick is to do a pre-order system to customers. Where you offer consumers design ideas first, let them choose. After that, then make the product according to their wishes.

Because it does not have capital, it can ask customers to pay in advance. After that, then make what they ordered. If you have started to feel at home and are firm with this business, focus on developing it. In order for this business to advance, and have the opportunity to move in other advertising fields.

2. Take advantage of the internet

To market the product, you can also use internet assistance. Online advertising business turns out to be easier for beginners who want to go into the advertising business. If you can make a personal blog, it will be even better.

Besides being able to advertise yourself, you can also accept offers from other people who want to pair their ads on a personal blog. Especially if many people visit your blog, it is not impossible if many advertising services ask to pair their ads on the blog.

In addition, you can also work with Google Adsense ad managers or Adsense Camp. By working with the advertising business, it can automatically get advertisements that can directly appear on the blog. Thus, it can get rupiah coffers little by little. Interesting right?

3. Take advantage of other media

Besides the internet, there are several other media that should be tried, such as electronic media, print media, to social media. An advertising expert must be able to master all of these media.

Starting from the technical field in doing advertising to links to explore these media. therefore, before intending to make large amounts of money in the advertising business, you should start first by becoming an advertising expert to simplify and fulfill these requirements.

After that, advertising can be done on the type of business that is involved. Don't be afraid, there are many market segments that require the services of both large and small companies. For large companies, you will be asked to become a third party because usually they already have their own marketing fields for the company's internal needs.

4. Create your own media

The advertising business is very tempting. To get started, it would be nice if you manage this business privately or have your own media to reduce costs as much as possible.

However, to make the media itself certainly requires different capital. In essence, must be able to utilize popular media such as websites or blogs to make the advertising business grow.

Apparently the Advertising Business Does Not Need Large Capital

10 side jobs that seem to be trivial but it turns out pretty good

Everyone must have experienced when the monthly money had run out, even though the payday date was still far ahead. Moreover, the current millennial generation whose lifestyle still likes to hang out at contemporary cafes and have an expensive hobby. Money from a monthly salary alone is not enough to cover it all.

Not to mention the prices of basic necessities, many of which have gone up making us have to revise our expenses continuously. How do you want to think about the costs of fun, if only your daily needs take more than 80% of our salary. Starting from the cost of meals, road costs, household equipment, not to mention paying for rent / rent, electricity, water, there are also those that must be set aside into savings, given to parents, just a lot.

How do you drink coffee? What is the money for traveling? Well, if you are smart at managing money, maybe you still have the remaining salary for your hobby to hang out with you on the streets. However, if you still have difficulty managing your salary but still don't want to go bankrupt, the solution is you can start to have a side job.

Currently there are many new types of work that are easy for you to do, do not have to go to the office and you can do it freely at any time, but it turns out to be quite profitable. Here is a side job that you can do to increase your pocket money when payday is up:

1. Become a Queue and Buy Food

Now there are many platforms for this job, there are go-food, go-mart and grab food. So you don't need to be confused where to go if you want to have this side job. Your capital is enough to have a motorized vehicle with complete vehicle documents, borrow a friend or not, as long as the driver's license is in his own name. You can work on the advantages of this work when you have free time or if you just want it.

2. Baby Sitter for Your Friends Pets

Do you have a friend who has a pet but is his hobby traveling? You can use it as money. Not to squeeze your own friends, you only offer services to keep pets that are often left alone. Starting from taking an evening walk, eating, even bathing them.

If your friend sees the work you take care of a good pet, you may be offered another time even with a bigger fee.

3. Become a Cameo, or Become a Payday Audience

If this is definitely already familiar? This job turns out not only to give you extra pocket money, but also to make your social circle wider because you will meet many new people that you might be able to make friends with. It's not difficult to find vacancies for this job, you can search for info from the internet by visiting the original website of the TV program that you want to continue to stay in the casting.

4. Become a Giver of "Feedback" for New Websites

If this is a familiar job for freelancers who have often searched for vacancies through online. This job will not take much time, just need to capitalize on a laptop and internet quota (can you use office wifi to save money) and make an account to log in to a website that hires you to give feedback to them.

Usually the high pay is considered from how many accounts you can make. Because of course you need a lot of good "feedback" for a new website so that visitors continue to grow.

5. Are You Smart at Making Crafts? Why Not For Sale Only

For this job, it must be a hobby first. Do you have a lot of stuff from your own creativity, but you just leave it if you don't use it? It's better to sell it.

Confused to sell it? Can it start from the easiest, like offering directly to your close friends, or sold online. If you sell well and many people like it you are also the one who benefits because there will be lots of offers coming for your goods. What used to be just a side job can turn into a promising business.

6. Get Money from Photography Hobbies
If it's a hobby, does it mean that you have lots of collections? Unfortunately, your good and valuable photo collection is just silent on your hard drive and laptop. Even if you know how to use it you can get a lot of extra money from it. There are many websites that require the services of freelancers who are fond of photography to stock their photos.

Starting from quite professional ones such as Shutterstock and i.Stock to the special ones for pictures of holiday style, for websites or blogs with tourism themes. You can offer your photo collection with a certain price offer. For Shutterstock and iStock you can create an account for the creator part first, then you will get money for every photo you download.

7. Become an Editor for Others' Posts

Lots of new websites that not only need freelancers as writers but also freelancers as editors. For jobs this one is as easily searchable by looking for freelance writers. You just have to go to a site that specifically presents information for freelance job seekers. For additional tips, you better choose to edit the type of writing whose theme you really like to make it easier to do and the results are better.

8. Freelance for Content Writer and Copy Writer

For this job, yeah, yeah. Surely you all already know where and how to be able to become a freelancer for this one job. For freelance sites that you can visit for these job applications, you can go to upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, and toptal.com as the sites that provide freelancers the most jobs for Content writers and Copy Writer.

9. Search for Freelance jobs for Graphic Designer

For you, the Graphic Design students who need extra money to hang out or buy a new gadget. Try your luck being a freelancer for graphic design. Don't get me wrong, even though you are a freelancer but the pay is pretty good. The average fee for one project can be more than IDR 3 million. The more difficult and the more work the higher the pay.

10. Become a Customer Service that Serves Consumers from Your Own Bedroom

If you are still unfamiliar with this job, you are lacking updates. This work has actually been done a lot. And well, this is the type of work for freelancers who have a lot of free time at night. As usual, you can search this work on various sites that contain information about job openings for freelancers and other job vacancy info sites.

Able to Add Knowledge and Experience
Another advantage of trying to have a side job is that you can touch other fields to do besides your main job. Not bad to add to your knowledge and skills, even you can become a work experience to beautify your CV later when you will apply for a new job.

10 side jobs seem trivial but it turns out pretty good

One of the problems of parents when accompanying children to study at school is lazy to learn. Often when told to learn various reasons are often made by children, such as feeling tired or wanting to take a short break.

Various ways parents do so their children can do homework and want to learn independently. The usual way is to include tutoring children or bring a private teacher home.

But that method is sometimes not necessarily successful. Usually the child will learn when attending tutoring or with the private teacher alone. After that, children use time only to play.

The Family Friends Forum of the Ministry of Education and Culture provides some tips for dealing with lazy children learning:

1. Parents become role models 
The most important thing is that parents must be able to become role models in the child's learning process. Parents should get used to doing any learning activities in the presence of children. For example by doing reading activities or completing household chores in the presence of children. When you are used to seeing your parents learn, children will do it too.

2. Special learning space 
Parents can provide a room or special place for children's learning in which there is a comfortable desk, colorful space, complete writing equipment, bookshelves, and something that children like. Provision of space or special place does not need to be expensive but convenient for the child's learning process. Therefore, the spirit of learning will grow.

3. Meet children's needs
Meeting children's needs is very important so that children are not focused on their desires continuously and can be motivated to learn.

For example, when a child asks for money to pay for school tuition fees, parents can meet these needs in a good way, such as "Sister help daddy pray with God so that he can be given money and can pay for brother's school tomorrow."

Indirectly aside from learning needs, in terms of the spiritual aspect the child has been taught to communicate with God and know the meaning that everything needed can be obtained by asking God.

4. Asking daily questions 
The daily questions referred to here replace not instructions for learning. Questions that can be asked include; Have you studied yet today? Has PR been done yet?

Questions like this need to be applied to stimulate children's awareness of learning and practicing honestly. Because if parents ask to learn directly, the child will be lazy.

These questions can be used as an effective way to make children learn by themselves.

5. Giving an understanding of the meaning of learning 
Explain to the child that the essence of learning is to increase the potential in later life. While the true meaning of learning as a means of facilitating him in achieving something desired.

Parents can also tell the success of a person or character who is obtained because of perseverance in learning. Also tell about people failing because they don't want to learn. From here the child becomes aware of what to do in his life, especially to realize his future.

Is your child lazy? Try these 5 tips to make him diligent

When we read articles, watch videos, and all the testimonies of someone on the way to building a business, the trip looks steep but easy to navigate. We are usually immediately excited and begin to gather ideas to open a business.

However, it is often discouraged and fails in the middle of the road, so it becomes traumatic in doing business. Therefore, so as not to just look at the outer skin of opening a business, try to learn these facts before opening a business.

1. Sometimes, your first business idea can fail

Understand well that your business idea, no matter how bright your design is, it won't work 100 percent. It could fail. So, when you just start a business and implement your idea, but fail, don't feel inferior and give up. Look for other ideas that you can apply or improve to be more perfect.

2. Your business needs hard work and sacrifice more than you can imagine

Do not assume we are young and have excess capital, then make our business immediately successful, without sacrifice behind it. We must dedicate time, energy and mind in the business.

3. In fact, you will sacrifice a lot of things to make your business successful

It could be that our leisure time is drastically reduced, there is no time at the beginning of opening a business. In addition, we also have to give in and be firm with ourselves to reduce playing time, gather with friends, to manage and focus on developing your business.

4. If you want to be successful, just dare to start a business is not enough. You must have the potential and skill

Avoid following trends. For example, the flower business season. If we do not have the potential to sell flowers, do not know who the best and cheapest suppliers are, then do not join in opening a flower business, even though dare to take the risk. Because the potential we have must be balanced and support the business.

5. We are the ones who are obliged to be the first tryers of your business

If you just don't want to try the product / service that you offer, let alone someone else? Of course, the first customer of your business is yourself. Remember, you must be objective and judge from the customer side, yes!

6. Must be independent and prioritize all business interests

In opening a business, especially if you start it alone, you have to stand alone. Parents, closest relatives, may be able to give advice and input. But all of our major decisions are our hands. So, we must have the mentality and enthusiasm of steel, huh!

7. Must learn to say no and be selective in taking action

Don't just be friends, we make that person as a supplier, especially if the price is more expensive or the quality is not so good. We must be smart in taking steps in doing business. Every offer that comes in, whether from a friend or another, we must value it fairly.

8. Sometimes, we will lose your friends

The effect is, when we reject a friend to become a supplier, it does not rule out the possibility that he will be angry and uncomfortable. No problem, meaning that the person is still not able to distinguish between business interests, where is the interest of friends. Think coldly and stay optimistic.

9. Not everyone fits into your business, and not everyone can be your customer

For example, we open a coffee shop. Of course the customers consist of people who usually look for meeting places, a new atmosphere, coffee lovers, people who want to be alone, and so on. They are our target market.

Meanwhile, those who are older and prefer to eat home food are not our customers. So, you must be able to determine who the target market really is before opening a business.

10. Must love whatever your business we build

Our time will be consumed to manage the business. So don't feel burdened. We must be able to enjoy the time and business. If you are always burdened, the business will not be able to advance.

Business Secrets hidden by Successful People 2018

How to be invited to the Google Indonesia office?

Answered by: Jonathan Irvin Gunawan

Invited by individuals: Google allows its employees to invite friends, family, or anyone, within reasonable limits, to play to Google's office in social (non-business) interests. If you have a friend or family who works at Google Indonesia, asking him to invite you to play at Google Indonesia's office is one way.

Invited by Google: If you want to be invited to the Google Indonesia office for business purposes, then one way is to be invited for a job interview. If you apply for a work position at Google Indonesia and succeed in passing several initial stages of screening the résumé and telephone interviews, then you will be invited to the Google office for the next stage of the interview.

Answered by: Reynaldo Wijaya Hendry

One of the ways that I know is by attending events organized by Google and one of the programs is Google Games (specifically Computer Science Students).

The poster above is the 2017 Google Games poster.

Google Games is an event organized by Google where a team of 4 (in the case of Indonesia 3) students compete to solve problems that contain questions "coding" and "puzzle". In addition, there will also be workshops hosted by engineers from Google.

Registration is enough to fill in the form in the link provided and your team must also have a high level of luck to pass because in 2017 only 12 teams were chosen from the many teams that registered.

For 2018 there is still no information on whether to hold this event again.

Answered by :Rinaldo Jonathan

I only know four ways to be invited to the Google office and all this relates to competition.

Become the Google Code Jam Finalist

Take part in competitive programming competitions organized by Google every year and become finalists because the final is usually done at Google's office.

Become the Winner of Google Code-in

Google Code-in is a "competition" that brings students aged 13 to 17 years to contribute to open source projects. Winners from each organization will be invited to the Google office and also get free walks.

Become a Google Code-in Mentor

Usually the chosen mentor will accompany the winners from each organization to the Google office.

Become a Google Summer Mentor of Code

There is usually a Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit held at Google's office. I don't know enough, but there are some mentors who will be invited to Google's office.

Answered by: Arya Perdhana

One of the ways I've done it is to become a Google employee.

After going through the first interview with HR via telephone, I was declared qualified to take part in the second stage of the interview. interviews will be conducted at the Google Indonesia office so I am invited to come there.

(Unfortunately I did not qualify for the third interview and so on. If you qualify, you must be invited more than once.)

Answered by: Bobby Vallen

From some previous answers, it seems to be invited to the Google Indonesia office. You have to be a genius programmer :)

But don't worry, because it turns out that a fool who can't write a single line of code like me turns out to be invited to the Google Indonesia office. Incidentally, because the office has a decent spending on one of the services offered by Google, I am often invited to workshops held by them.

Honestly I was not amazed at the Google Indonesia office, both in his old office at Senayan and in his new office now (forget the name of the building). Many offices are better and more luxurious. The receptionist and its security were less friendly than companies whose class was far below Google.

What I admire is Google people who serve my needs. They are so smart, caring, and for them there is no stupid question. A pleasant experience when interacting with them, and I will always take time to attend if invited.

Tips invited to Google Indonesia office 2019

Answered by: Niko Adyaksa

Apart from all kinds of assumptions of revenue from advertising and so on, actually number one targeted by social media applications such as WA is BIG DATA.

Try to imagine what you can do if you have data on billions of the world's population. Then the data will continue to be updated in every second.

Starting from information on age, location, behavior, consumption patterns and thousands of other types. Try to guess, who in the world knows the most exactly how many friends you contact most openly or secretly? Certainly not your boss or wife. Because Whatsapp knows the most. Your communication traffic is recorded with exact on their server. Whatsapp acts as a "Data Miner" which will absorb any information related to you. And in this era, the most valuable information.

So let us not naively assume that Whatsapp is a free application that hasn't got anything. Because actually every day you give an update to their database. A data about yourself and everything related to you is very valuable.


Because there are several questions, then I add a few things that we can see from the data that WA can take.

Location. With location data, WA can analyze many things from us. Starting from homes, workplaces, malls that are most frequently visited, do we often go abroad, etc ... etc. Our Phone Book. There WA will know who we are connected to. Starting from friends, salons, beauty advisors, our children's schools ... etc ... etc ... the Quorawan with the data analysis profession can explain further ...

Answered by: Abi famasya

Actually no one can answer this except business people from Facebook themselves. But let's try our own analysis.

The digital world business model is unique. A product must be projected to get a profit, but not necessarily get a profit on the first day. For me WhatsApp is one of them.

Let's look at the popular startup metrics: AARRR.

Why do I consider WhatsApp as a startup? Because for me WhatsApp hasn't found the right business model. Why use AARRR? Because this metric is one of the easiest to understand.

Source: AARRR (Startup Metrics) - StartitUp

In the metric, it is clear that the first step of product launching is user acquisition. Once the user has been obtained, the next PR is to make the user use the product. These two things are very important to do before stepping on the next steps.

Has WhatsApp done it? Of course. They have a strong market positioning as a simple short message service.

This makes the third step easier: retention.

Unlike similar services, the convenience of WhatsApp has made many people fall in love. Without a username, without an email signup, and only through the cellphone number WhatsApp provides the normal performance of short messages.

The effect is that retention is very strong. People who use WhatsApp will use it again and again.

Then what's the next step? Of course monetization.

But - according to me - since Facebook was purchased until now, WhatsApp has not yet wanted to do this monetization stage.

How come there are words "since Facebook was bought"?

Because the WhatsApp business model used to be embryo: pay $ 1 per year. But since it was bought by Facebook, it seems they are focusing on growth user before entering monetization. Turn to the retention stage.

They chose to make WA as a platform to be installed on every cellphone.

The result? Let's look at this graph.

The growth of WhatsApp is constantly growing. With increasing features, user engagement is even higher.

With strong engagement, WA use cases are increasing. Facebook has smartly made WA launch WA stories, make it more personal, etc. Users don't want to get out of WA.

And because engagement is strong, it means that if monetization is done, it will be easier to return capital.

Facebook is indeed a lot of money capital. It doesn't matter for them to experiment with WhatsApp. They just stretch out the WhatsApp free service for a long time while experimenting about this service's use case.

Until a while ago, Facebook announced the WhatsApp business model would focus on business services. They chose this as a monetization step.

Imagine this: WA branding is very strong, until anything is shared via WA.

If the user just needs WA, then the company will be very happy to communicate to the user via WA. This is where the money warehouse is.

If WA opens its communication path and charges just $ 0.01 for each message, then through tokopedia's shopping notification - with 16 million transactions per month - Facebook can earn $ 160,000 from one company per month. Multiply by millions of businesses who want to use notification services via WA.

Or make a notification like KLM, certainly not cheap.

This is still one channel. Whatsapp can create advertisements for WA stories, track user preferences, and create automatic bot services. Lots of it?

So even though it hasn't gotten profit, it's only for now.

Maybe someday WhatsApp will be able to reach millions of dollars per month from this business.

The secret of the WhatsApp company gets profit

This is not in order to judge other people or offend publisher friends. Just a little story because people do it because they don't know yet.

Of course this article will also disappoint many parties and precisely this I apply to myself as a practitioner it turns out that in the world of Internet Marketing there are many traps that violate the Islamic religious law.

InsyaaAllah, it will be dismantled all about the world of Internet marketing, which I know collides with Islamic law without pointing at people but pointing out that myself is wrong.

Don't think it's a little bit unclean because I don't forbid what Allah Halalkan is.
Don't say that it's not easy to be facebookan, internet etc.

Here's one reason to stop building a blog from 100 to 300 blogs per month for adsense.

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli haal. He who is above arsy still gives me fortune and is still alive, eating.


Until friend Umar Radhiallahu ‘anhu said,

لَا يَتَّجِرْ فِي سُوقِنَا إلَّا مَنْ فَقِهَ أَكْلَ الرِّبَا.

"Don't someone trade in our market until he understands very well about the ins and outs of usury"
(Mughnil Muhtaj, 6/310)

Read More: https://rumaysho.com/824-berilmu-sebelum-berdagang.html

Hopefully it will be enlightenment and make sure don't be friendless unless it's hot ... there will be further ...
Barakallahu fiikum

Adsense is forbidden in Islam, really?

Are you a permanent employee in a company and want to have more income? A side business is the solution. A side business is a free choice for employees and the company does not prohibit it, as long as it does not conflict with the rules or business of the company.

Constraints that are always the main reason why many employees do not start a side business are capital. Many of us think that without strong or large capital, the side business will not start. If you have a mediocre salary as an employee then a cash loan from the bank is a business capital expectation.

It is true, bank loans can be used as a reliable business capital. However, there are also other ways to start your side business without needing a loan. This method is through a small capital side business. Here are two ideas that you can follow for a small capital side business complete with an explanation.

1. Create a blog

Capital: Time and writing

This one side business can be said to require no capital at all. Starting blogging is the cheapest way for you to get additional pocket money. One disadvantage lies only in time.

To start a blog, you can use the blogspot.com free blog platform. Then you can start filling out the blog with the content or writing from you. This article can be an informative article or experience about your life that is useful for the reader. Thus visitors who find your blog will still visit your blog and be interested in the information you provide. When you have a new blog, you may experience difficulties in finding visitors. But you can start by promoting your blog to social media or your friends.

Over a period of time, after the number of visitors coming to your blog increases. You can advertise on your blog through Google Adsense. So every visitor who clicks on the ad, you can receive money. Or if your blog is very popular, then many other businesses want to be featured on your blog. Then you can charge a fee for the service.

2. Forex business

Capital: Depends on your ability

This business may require skills in reading the economic conditions of a country and the world. You need to analyze information about available economic news. Then speculate the impact of certain news or events on the currency of that country.

Forex business is not easy but you can get huge profits if you invest big money. So the capital will not be restricted in a certain amount, you are free to determine the capital you want. The greater the amount of capital you use for the forex business, the more profit you will get. Likewise the loss if the foreign currency condition does not move according to your expectations.

The way to profit from Forex is to buy foreign currency at the price you expect to increase. Then when the price of the foreign currency increases or strengthens compared to the Indonesian Rupiah then you can sell it. Although the business sounds risky because there is a possibility that the value of the foreign currency will not increase, but with reliable analysis you can minimize the risk.

Forex business is one of the most flexible businesses, you can use online banking to buy foreign currency. So you don't have to go to the money changer or bank branch at any time. And to monitor foreign currency movements you can use bank sites.

2 Popular Businesses for Young People from the Future